Semi-dry strawberry-pear cider is made entirely of handmade strawberries and pears grown in the Finnish archipelago. Finland's bright summer nights give berries and fruits their own aroma, which is not found elsewhere.

No sugar or additives have been used in the manufacture of cider. All sweetness comes from fruit sugar contained in strawberries and pears. Cider has been used as a base for our dry apple cider 80 percent and it also has 20 percent strawberries.

Strawberry-Pear Cider is a seasonal product and is only sold during summer.

The cider is ideally suited to food and sociation. The cider is at its best when it is ingested cool, add the ice if desired.

Semi-dry strawberry-pear cider remains unopened in a dry and cool place until the expiry date and opened, (the CAP is carefully re-closed), a week worth the ice in the Cape.

Ingredients: Water, strawberry-pear juice, yeast. No added sulfates or flavourings.
Alcohol Content 2.8% | 4.7%
Glass bottle 0, 375l | 0, 75l